If you know me or glance at this blog from time to time… you’ve probably noticed that I love warm weather and love to write about it!  I think it is partly due to my mom, who also loves a sunny day, and a few weather spoiled years in Los Angeles. So much in fact that I am the wimp who usually whips out my Northface and Uggs when the thermometer drops to 5o degrees (gasp).  This past year, my weather love affair with Northern California has been less than steamy up to this point. Summers are cold and foggy… much gloomier than Hermosa Beach, the Indian Summer… so sweet but too short, and holy moly it actually gets into the 20s & 30s here on a winter night.

Now that I have been back for a full year and have the perspective of more than 365 days, 4 full seasons, and a closet with 2 more sweaters, gloves, and a real jacket…. I can’t believe I’m going to say this… but… I really love winter.  And dare I say, it is the most beautiful season here on the Monterey Peninsula.  While the nights are freezing, the winter days are crisp and sunny.  The sunsets over Carmel Beach are dramatic and feature all the colors of the rainbow.  And who doesn’t want an excuse for their boyfriend to hold them tighter?

So here’s to having a positive attitude about winter.  To loving it, instead of suffering through it.

image credit : Friends of Type, Erik Marinovich

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